Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot one-off made to measure clothing’s for the Fashion industry

Bespoke services offer couture for every one with perfect fitting. They also offer work which is defined by your preferences and demands. It is the best way of satisfying the needs of our clients by creating one-off clothing. We have supported designers to bring bespoke couture to their clients by delivering creative pattern making services, sample sewing services and fitting meetings.
Claire Thorogood is a gifted designer which creates bespoke outfits with high-quality materials to meet the expectations of her clients. We have worked with her, side by side, to create many beautiful garments for multiple events, such as Royal Ascot, as several of those garments have been worn by the famous television presenter Clare Balding. We work to create fashion and make every client feel special and beautiful.
Garments designed by Claire Thorogood for Clare Balding worn at the Royal Ascot:
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