About Us

Patterns for fashion design

Canelle Design is a small, independent company based in North London specialising in creative pattern cutting and sample making for unique garments. We also have a high level of expertise in toile, and garment fitting and production. Our team is reliable and consistent, with employees that have worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years gaining skill and finesse. We have individuals with experience in all areas of the industry to meet your needs to the very best quality, led by the Company Director Galina Kostova.

At Canelle Design, we aim to establish a strong rapport with our clients. We have flexible meeting hours and offer expert advice. We put lots of hard work into every single pattern and garment from the very beginning. We work diligently, from the making of the toile throughout the entire process until our clients are satisfied with their final product. Our sample machinists work very closely with us, which allows us to perfect every piece while seeking the most cost efficient procedure. This means that we never have to compromise the highest quality to maintain competitive prices.

Pattern cutting services

Our professional team will provide you with made to measure garments with well-fitted patterns to the customer’s body. We have the skills to customize the fabric and detailing which will satisfy the most demanding customers whether it’s for your wedding or your fashion shows. We have worked with plus sizes for many years and feel prepared to create for all body shapes, men and women’s.
We apply ourselves, connecting with every designer and becoming acquainted with their own style, form and expectations. We put your STYLE, and our SPIRIT into every order.

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