Development of projects and ideas in the fashion industry

A glimpse

into Canelle
At Canelle Design we work with a variety of clients, including: offering services to young designers in the development of their collections and fashion shows; working with large companies and manufacturers with their approach on a larger scale; and with young pattern cutters, enhancing their skills. We also create many bespoke garments for private clients and aim to give professional advice while incorporating every idea. We offer services in all of the stages of the pattern and sample creation such as the pattern cutting, toiling, fittings, sample making, and small scale production. Moreover we tailor to clients with all body types, delivering garments fitted perfectly to every body shape. We are experts in plus size tailoring. Canelle
Designer Dan He, London Fashion College



The best material for you

We can not only advise and solve problems regarding material or fabric idea, but we can also process an extremely wide variety of fabrics. From soft and stretchy jersey material, and natural types of silk, to organic types of cotton fabric, denim, leather and types of canvas; the right textile can bring a garment to life.

Designer GeoffreyFinch

The best material for you

Some of our favourites to work with include embroidered materials, sequenced fabrics, tulle and taffeta. We have also done extensive work with waterproof materials for outdoor wear.



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