Canelle Design is a small, independent company based in North London specializing in creative pattern cutting and sample making for unique garments. We also provide Pattern-cutting services in London, along with a high level of expertise in toile, and garment fitting and production. Our team is reliable and consistent, with employees who have worked in the fashion industry for over 30 years gaining skill and finesse. We have individuals with experience in all areas of the industry to meet your needs to the very best quality, led by the Company Director Galina Kostova.

At Canelle Design, we aim to establish a strong rapport with our clients. Our pattern -cutting services have flexible meeting hours and offer expert advice. We put lots of hard work into every single pattern and garment from the very beginning. Our sample machinists work very closely with us, which allows us to perfect every piece while seeking the most cost efficient procedure. This means that we never have to compromise the highest quality to maintain competitive prices.

Some of our clients include brands such as Hunter Boots, Topshop, Daniel Blake, Claire Thorogood, NIKE, Blouse, TROY London, Saloni, Keji, Ninety Percent, Roberts Wood, Millie Mackintosh, Chinti and Parker, Flair Atelier, Andrea Galer, Danielle Scutt, Martine Rose, Sadie Williams. We also offer a high level of support to fashion students and private clients with bespoke projects such as bridal dresses and wedding party outfits.

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